Notice Board

Dear All, please note that Bikes @ D'Resort will be closed today & tomorrow, 6 Jan - 7 Jan 2020.


Thank you for your understanding & patience.



Lifestyle Bike Team

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Rental Terms & Condition

1.  Upon Rental, the hirer is required to produce:-

     (a)  An original ID with valid local residential/ company address for registration  OR

     (b)  Other forms of identification without local resident address will be safely kept by us until the return of the bike  OR

     (c)  A cash deposit of $150 to $200, is required which is refundable upon return of the bike.

2.  While every attempt is made to ensure that all bicycles are rented out in goof working condition, the hirer is advised to check and ensure this before leaving the bicycle station.

     (a)  It is the hirer's responsibility to pay for any damaged parts* of the bike upon return. (*Damage caused by accident or mishandling.)

     (b)  The hirer is responsible to pay for the cost of replacement range fees from $10 - $100.

3.  For lost bikes, hirer is required to pay a fee of $150 - $200 (For Single and Children Bike), $400 for double bike and $3000 for Family Bike.

4.  The hirer rides the bicycle at his/her own risk and the company shall not be held liable for any accident, injury or loss incurred.

5.  Bike Rescue is subjected to only Pasir Ris Beach Park, East Coast Park and Eastern Park Connector Network (PCN), Punggol Waterway Park (EXCLUDE CONEY ISLAND) and not anywhere else. Otherwise, a Surcharge of $20 - $50 will be imposed for Bike Rescue, Bike Rental from our Company is only permitted to cycle within the above areas. Bike Rental is NOT Allowed to cycle out of mainland Singapore (eg; Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong etc..)

6.  Overtime Surcharge - 

     (a)  15 minutes grace will be given for returning bike.

            Exceeding the grace period, please note charges as follows:-

             i)  16 min - 30 min = 0.5 hr Charge

             ii)  31 min - 1 hr = 1hr Charge 

             iii)  1hr & Above = Charge according to per hourly rate

     (b)   Should Bike be Returned:

             i) After shop closure timing - $8.00 surcharge + 6(a) PER BIKE OR

             ii) $20 Per Single Bike (Till 9.00am next morning)

             iii) $30 Per Double Bike (Till 9.00am next morning)

7.   (a)  Sea water should not be found on bicycle or the bicycle will be considered sold to the hirer at the original price.

      (b)  Hirer with wet attire will not be entertained.

8.  The operator reserves the right to refuse the hiring of bicycles or the extend the time of the hiring of his bicycle if, in the opinion of the operator the hirer has misused the bicycle or violated any of the condition herein. The hirer shall not be entitled to any refund in such cases.

9.   Rental is non-Refundable & non-Exchangeable, inclusive of Raining days.









   *Note: Please call respective outlet to check operation hours for Late Return of Bikes.