30% Discount LIMITED TO ONLY 3 DAYS [SALE PRICE: $56 NOW!!!]

- INSTOCK (Limited Qty, please check before purchasing)


- Self-Collection 


- No Returns or Refunds.




**Other T&Cs apply (Management reserves the right to make ammendments to any clauses.)

Destroyer Rollerblades - Green Accented Black Skates


    Notice Board

    1. Luna New Year 2021- Shop operation Hours


    2. Delivery Riders entitled 5% OFF for Bicycle Repair - Click here.


    3. OCBC Cycle 2020 has been cancelled and we will be contacting our customers to process the refunds.

    4. Updates on COVID-19 Circuit Breaker (updated 17th June 2020)

    Note: Bikes @ D'Resort Outlet will be CLOSED till further notice.

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