Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When does overnight rental begin? What time do I have to return the bicycle?


Overnight rental only starts from 6pm (varies according to outlet) every day, and the latest time to return the bicycle is at 9am of the following day.


2. If I wish to return the bicycle in the middle of the night, is it possible?


Should users wish to return their bicycles earlier than intended, they may request for a 1-time lock from the shop(no key provided). They should lock the the bicycles securely outside the shop, free from passageway obstruction.


3. What are the rental rates of the bicycles?


Rental rates for the bicycles are subject to the models, duration and delivery charge (optional).

4. Do you provide Bicycle Repair Services?


Bike repair is available at certain outlets, and subjected to the availability of parts. It is best to contact the outlets directly, to find out when our mechanics are available, to avoid making a wasted trip.


5. How are overtime charges calculated? 

As for our overtime rental charges, it is generated by system. The system will give all customers 15 minutes grace after the stipulated time on their receipt. Should you exceed the 15 minutes grace, the system will automatically charge half an hour, as a pro-rated rate (similar to our carpark system).



Terms & Conditions*

Bicycles should also not be brought into the sea, nor should riders ride the bicycle after just coming out of the sea. Should the bicycle be found to be covered in salt water, we reserve the right to sell the bicycle to the user at the original price.


Notice Board

1. Delivery Riders entitled 5% OFF for Bicycle Repair - Click here.


2. OCBC Cycle 2020 has been cancelled and we will be contacting our customers to process the refunds.

3. Updates on COVID-19 Circuit Breaker (updated 17th June 2020)

Note: Bikes @ D'Resort Outlet will be CLOSED till further notice.

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