Notice Board

Dear All, please note that Bikes @ D'Resort will be closed today & tomorrow, 6 Jan - 7 Jan 2020.


Thank you for your understanding & patience.



Lifestyle Bike Team

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Bicycle Rental Service

We have a large variety of bicycles that cater to children, adults, young & old, couples, friends families, corporate, even grandparents can join in the fun! 

*Image is solely for illustration purposes.

Group bookings may also be eligible for privileged rates. Contact us to find out more.

Rent a bike from any one of our Pit-Stops, and you will still be able to return the bike at our other outlets. Not only so, help is only a phone-call away and should you require any assistance when encountering difficulties, our rescue team will be deployed to help you as soon as possible.


 *Terms & Conditions Apply. 

Additional Services
Safety helmets and accessories are available for rental. Please check with our staff.